Annual Harassment Notification Required Print

Maine law requires that all employers must annually provide their employees with notice of the employer’s sexual harassment policy.  The employer’s policy must contain, among other things, the definition of harassment (with examples), the employer’s internal complaint mechanism, the Maine Human Rights Commission’s complaint process, and an anti-retaliation statement.  This is a requirement of ALL Maine employers.

Maine law also requires that all employers with over 15 employees must conduct a training program on harassment within the employee’s  first year of employment.

While the above requirements are a fixture of Maine law for employers, they are also an employer’s best defense in harassment litigation.

We encourage all employers to provide a copy of your harassment policy in the first or last paycheck of the year, and large employers (15+ employees) should conduct training at the same time each year so that no employees fall through the cracks.

If you need assistance in drafting or updating your harassment policy, or if you would like to schedule a harassment awareness training, please do not hesitate to contact any of the attorneys at Taylor, McCormack & Frame.

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