The Maine "Sick Leave" Bill is Rejected Print

After months of heated debate in Augusta and across the State, last week the Labor Committee confirmed its opposition to an amended version of LD 1665, a bill sponsored by Maine Senate President Libby Mitchell styled, “An Act to prevent the spread of H1N1”.  This bill would have required all employers to provide up to five days of sick leave to their employees without pay and without justification.  Last week the bill was defeated when the Maine House indefinitely postponed the bill without a roll call vote.  This measure effectively killed the bill for the 124th legislative session and was applauded by business owners across the State.

While this series of events clearly constitutes a victory for employers, it serves as a reminder that vacation, sick leave, and paid time off (“PTO”) policies should be unambiguously drafted, judiciously enforced, and contained within a well written employee handbook or policy manual.


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